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International database with used car parts

Welcome to Here you will find used, renovated and new parts for cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. The parts can be internationally delivered and comes from wrecking yards / auto salvage yards, renovators, manufacturers and vendors of alternative / original parts world wide.

Start your search by first selecting Make in the left column. You can also search by article number or VIN. Filter your search by selecting a model year that fits your vehicle.

We are currently working with affiliate companies to the database. Please return in a couple of weeks.

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DanskBrugte reservedele til din bil (Dansk)
DeutschGebrauchte Teile für Ihr Wagen (Deutsch)
EnglishUsed parts for your car (English)
EspañolPiezas de repuestos para su automóvil (Español)
FrenchPièces détachées d'occasion (Français)
ItalianParti di ricambio usate per la tua auto (Italiano)
NorskBrukte deler til din bil (Norsk)
SvenskaBegagnade delar till din bil (Svenska)

Affiliated companies


AB Harrys Bilskrot
AB Malmö Bilskrot
AB Svenssons Bildemontering
Allbildelar i Huddinge AB - Västerås
Atracco AB - Helsingborg
Atracco AB - Linköping
Atracco AB - Mönsterås
Begagnade Bildelar i Linköping AB / Norrköping
Bildelslagret i Lidköping AB
Boets Bildemontering AB
Eklunds Bildelslager i Skövde AB
Falu Bildemontering AB
Frykmalm i Karlstad AB
Hellsten Gears AB
H&K Bildemontering AB
Häggs Bildemontering i Ilsbo AB
Jönköpings Bildemontering AB
Nordic Motor Center AB
Norrbottens Bildemontering AB
Nya Allbilskroten i Norrköping AB
Svedala Bildemontering AB
Svensk Bilåtervinning AB
USA Bildelar AB
Walters Bildelar AB

Expose your company

Do you work with used parts to cars, trucks, vans or motorcyckles? Please do contact us at for more information. We can help you increase your sales by exposing your stock at our site.

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